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Cleanliness is key to the success of your investment

Keeping your Airbnb or short let property at the highest level of cleanliness is key to the success of your investment. Our Airbnb cleaning services ensure that your property is spick and span for the start of every new tenancy.

With Airbnb now including optional cleaning protocols which are visible to customers, it’s clear to see that a clean and safe property is of the utmost importance to both the platform and your potential guests. Cavendish Peaks help you to keep your property gleaming, while ensuring the highest levels of Covid safety standards are met.

Achieving hotel level cleanliness is important in ensuring that your tenants are happy throughout their stay. And we understand that housekeeping is one of the most common areas that our landlords worry about when considering letting their property on a short term basis.

And in these Covid restricted times, it’s more important than ever that you have a trustworthy cleaning company on hand to ensure your guests comfort and safety.

Holiday Home Cleaning Services You Can Trust

As Airbnb management experts, we understand that keeping your property in a pristine condition for new guests is a major priority. It helps to keep your guests happy, your feedback positive, and, in these uncertain times, it ensures that the property is safe.

All of our cleaning teams are assured to be

Fully trained and experienced

Full equipped with the right cleaning materials

Fully vetted and checked

Fully insured

All of our end of tenancy cleaning services can be tailored to your requirements, so if you require any additional services such as linen supply or restocking of toiletries, please let us know.


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Airbnb Covid Cleaning

Cavendish Peaks provides a full, safe Covid Cleaning process for your short-let property. Cleaners ensure that every touchable surface is sanitised with the most effective and approved disinfectant products.

Our cleaners have been trained to follow techniques designed to, as far as possible, elimate the spread of germs, and follow all advice from the HSE and the NHS.
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