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Setup & Decorating

We will take on the full initialisation & setup of your serviced accommodation journey. The Serviced Accommodation client base demands a homelier feel to the property than a traditional BTL, so a few extra decorations and furnishings may well be required. We can advise on this on a case by case basis, however if extra items are required this can be arranged by us. With our vast industry experience, we know exactly what you’ll need to put your property in the healthiest state for our high-end clients’ needs.

Don’t fret if you think your property is lacking one or two things, our team will always go the extra mile and can even source from our own network of suppliers to make the job easier for you.


A good property isn’t profitable if there’s nobody in it, so making the most of your listing to ensure the best possible returns means having a solid marketing strategy. Cavendish Peaks will provide, as standard, professional photography, detailed description and a list of amenities to encourage a high occupancy rate. Utilising our experience, we know exactly what to do to make sure your properties are always filled.

A dynamic pricing strategy is put in place to adapt to change in demands throughout the year. At peak times, we will adjust rent charges accordingly to make the most of any opportunity. And in times of lower demand, we will monitor your properties’ occupancy rate and adjust our prices down accordingly to ensure your properties are never left empty.

Full Serviced Accommodation Management

We’ve made a name for ourselves managing all aspects of serviced accommodation in Sheffield, helping you make the most of your investment with no hassle. With over 10 years of qualified experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge you can rest assured that your property will be managed to the highest of standards. We take care of every aspect of property management, so you can rest easy at night in the knowledge your property is in good hands.

We will only contact you when we really need to, and will always work with you to resolve any issues with the property, or the letting. Our brilliant team will take away every bit of fuss.

Check In & Check Out

When Cavendish Peaks takes control of your property, we will first go about taking a meticulous inventory. If anything breaks or goes missing, we will be the first to know. A copy of this inventory will be shared with you for your peace of mind. An inventory inspection will be completed between each client.

Between clients, the property will be inspected, cleaned and maintained to keep it to a high standard for the next guest. We will never rent out a property that isn’t in its absolute best state. A cleaner, healthier property is key to good financial returns, and we are very dilligent in our efforts to secure your bottom line.

Deposits claims, insurance and due diligence are practiced to safeguard ourselves and landlords against any potential issues.

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