The benefits of serviced accommodation over hotels

Hotels are good at what they do: short term accommodation at the most basic level for the average traveller. You get a bed, a roof over your head (always a plus in our opinion!) and some very basic ameneties. But that’s about where it ends.

If you want to eat, you have to use a restaurant or buy food ready to eat. If you want to wash your clothes, you have to rely on and usually pay for a shared laundry room… if the hotel even has one! And if you have nothing to do in the evening, you’re limited to whatever entertainment ameneties the hotel has to offer, which are typically few and far between.

Serviced accommodation is a much better option for slightly longer stays or for the more independent traveller. Properties managed by Cavendish Peaks will typically have all the comforts of home: an oven, a fridge, a microwave, washing machine, TV & broadband to name but a few. Why limit yourself to hotel ameneties if you’re in an unfamiliar city?


You’ll get more space for the things that matter to you. Serviced apartments have dedicated dining areas with real kitchen appliances; not only can you host business meetings at your dining table, but you can host a gathering and impress those representatives you’re here to win over! The higher quality and more residential feel will be welcomed by all, and your privacy is much more assured.

And it’s not as expensive as you think. Serviced accommodation is designed for longer stays than a hotel, but that makes it cheaper for its purpose. In fact it’s up to 20% cheaper than a comparable hotel for a similar stay!