How to Increase Bookings on AirBnB with Letting Management

Do you have a property that you are keen to let through AirBnB? Maybe you’re new to the platform and aren’t sure how to optimise your bookings for the best. Knowing how to increase bookings on AirBnB, or at least how to boost AirBnB bookings so that you make a regular passive income, is something […]

Looking for the Best Airbnb Management Company?

For property owners and developers up and down the UK, Airbnb has proven to be an amazing resource. It’s never been easier for people to search for open homes and apartments that they can simply book into and arrive at with very short notice. Great for business, holiday breaks and more, there are plenty of […]

Why Use a Serviced Apartment Company?

The market and demand for serviced apartments in the UK are growing. With more and more professionals looking for stylish, inclusive places to stay while travelling for business, it stands to reason that there needs to be more companies offering luxury, high quality standards up and down the country. For landlords and property owners, hiring […]

Is My Property Suitable for Serviced Accommodation?

So, is my property suitable? Letting out your property as serviced accommodation is a great way to make a passive income whilst retaining the flexibility you need. However, it’s important that your property meets the needs of those you are looking to let to. There are a few things to keep in mind: Location First […]

The benefits of serviced accommodation over hotels

Hotels are good at what they do: short term accommodation at the most basic level for the average traveller. You get a bed, a roof over your head (always a plus in our opinion!) and some very basic ameneties. But that’s about where it ends. If you want to eat, you have to use a […]